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Statement of Purpose (SOP) - A necessity for Abroad Education...!

Statement of Purpose (SOP) - A necessity for Abroad Education...! Remember the good old school days? The times when our English teacher asked us to write an Essay? This is the moment for you to portray your writing skills. Statement of Purpose is the most important document out of others while making applications to the Universities.  As the name implies, it is a written document which encompasses the purpose – why you wish to pursue a particular course, how it would help in proliferating your career and what is a driving force of yours in achieving the aimed goal. There are many factors and aspects that this document should contain. You can see this document as a script of your academic, co curricular and extra curricular experiences in a way that the Admission Committee would be able to understand your personality and your profile. So the target for you is to write an essay which is captivating, real as well as covers all the possible aspects that are important for th

Visa Interview-Myths

Visa Interview-Myths With so many discussions and posts about visa interviews, there is a heap full of misconceptions. A visa to United States certainly takes a lot of effort, persistence and preparations; while doing so it is equally important for you to look for small details. Following are some of the major myths related to visa interview: The date, day and time will change the probability of getting your visa approved Getting your visa approved is not dependent on the day, date or time of the day. It is entirely dependent on how you perform during the interview. You must have traveled abroad to obtain a visa Well, that is not the case. The decision is not done on the basis of whether or not you have traveled abroad. The visa officer would assess your overall profile before granting you a visa. The number of visas granted is limited every year There is absolutely no limit to the number of visas that are approved every year. The applicants that make th

A COMPLETE GUIDE FOR PTE [ Pearson Test of English ]

A COMPLETE GUIDE FOR PTE With the growing demand of efficient communication and writing skills along with increasing number of students wanting to go abroad; A student has to have a certificate to validate his/her English proficiency. Since most of people aspiring to study abroad are interested in an English language test which would be computer based then here is where you have to stop! Let me take you to the basics of PTE PTE stands for Pearson Test of English is the world’s leading computer-based test of English for study abroad and immigration. PTE test assesses listening, reading, speaking and writing all through a computer in a single three hour test session and is designed to assess the ability of non native English speaker wanting to be a part of University level programs with the medium of language being English. The entire test is for about 3 hours and is divided into three main sections: Section 1:    SPEAKING AND WRITING (77 – 93 minutes) This sectio

Exam Tips And Techniques...!

Exam Tips And Techniques...! Key exam tips and strategies to follow when you’re in the exam room. The day of the exam arrives. Hopefully, you have revised and prepared well. But are there exam tips and strategies that you can use even in the exam room to improve your grades? The good news is ‘yes!’ 1. Manage your mindset: It is natural to feel anxious about exams but with good strategies, you can actually enjoy them! If you do feel anxious, then direct that nervous energy into positive channels. Remember that some stress has a beneficial effect. It can help you to stay alert, focused on the exam and energised. Don’t give your mind the time to drift into anxious thoughts. If it does, then gently guide it back to a concrete task, such as planning your time, jotting down useful facts and figures to use in later questions, proof-reading your work, thinking about ways to gain extra marks and remembering these exam tips! 2. Get to know your exam paper: Don’t race to